Quizlet which of the following statements about relative and absolute age dating is most accurate?

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Again, the theory itself does not actually specify [predict] the value of nB. That is, while inflation was imagined to address the problem of the universe being too homogenous, to solve the exact opposite problem, dark matter bubbles have now been imagined because the extreme evenness of background radiation indicates that the universe was not lumpy enough to naturally form stars.

That's backwards of course. Big bang proponents believe that all that matter is lurking out there somewhere. Neil Turok, who once bet Stephen Hawking that gravitational waves would never be detected, also says: Thus, just as Wikipedia is designed to prevent circularity in its own editing i.

Thus Mucciarelli, et al. If that was the case and detection of gravitational waves was the 'smoking gun' proof of inflation, one would think that non-detection means that the theory fails.

This is also called the missing baryonic matter problem. The successes claimed by the theory's supporters consist of its ability to retrospectively fit observations with a steadily increasing array of adjustable parameters Either modifications of BBN calculations, or a combination of atomic diffusion plus a suitably tuned additional mixing during the main sequence, need to be invoked to solve the discrepancy.

Early models predicted an enormous density of monopoles, in clear contradiction to the experimental evidence. The revisionist big bang myth grew up as evidence for the theory.

But even many months after they reported the correction, only 51 of their readers similarly promoted the correction. Rather, they argued, big bang proponents were adjusting the theory's parameters to match already existing observations: Yet while this inflation was proposed to account for the smoothness of the universe, apparently, it resulted in a far too smooth universe to enable the formation of stars and galaxies!

Paul Steinhard wrote in June in another scathing article in Nature. The baryon-to-photon ratio, previously thought to be about a billion to one, is now believed, in to be about 2 billion photons for each baryon, inferred from something called the angular power spectrum of the CMB.

Cosmological models of the events following the big bang make predictions about what the horizon volume was, which lead to predictions about present-day monopole density.

Note that Krauss said the initial baryonic density of the universe has been determined by fitting to the observed abundances of the light elements. That is, compared to all the known mass of all the observable gas and stars in all the galaxies, there is that much mass, yet again, that is missing.

Earlier, a secondary assumption was that the inconsistency was possibly a "local problem", perhaps only manifesting itself in our own or similar galaxies. The study of historical data shows that over the years predictions of the ratio of helium to hydrogen in a BB universe have been repeatedly adjusted to agree with the latest available estimates of that ratio as observed in the real universe.

There are an estimated photons per cubic centimeter in the universe. So BB cosmologists call again upon the super malleable great-in-a-pinch dark matter to rescue their theory.

This lithium-6 problem adds yet another piece of rsr. Magnetic monopoles are particles that can be created in the lab that have either a "north" or a "south" but not both.

Hence, the paradigm of inflation is unfalsifiable. All the exotic stuff dark matter, energy, radiation, etc. The estimated ratio is dependent on a ratio of baryons to photons the baryon number that has also been arbitrarily adjusted to agree with the currently established helium to hydrogen ratio.

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Prediction vs. cytopix.com avoid doomsday, the word "prediction" is widely misused in cosmology. An actual "prediction" is far different from a postdiction or a mere tweaking of a model to adjust it to meet existing requirements. 🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

Quizlet which of the following statements about relative and absolute age dating is most accurate?
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