Single moms and smores

We want friends to share camp together, but to also get to know their cabin leader well. I suggested to them that they have a tennis academy for teens like they have for golf and they seemed to love that idea!

Lunch is on a river bank, along with other distractions that can help break up the day. Also, I find it semi-annoying to measure teeny tiny amounts of things and making this for two helps that cause.

Seems to me that "leader" is really running the troop for only her daughter. Our engaged and professional leaders, delicious camp-fire food, and wide range of adventures are what make our trips something to look forward to all year long. But eventually we are back in the canoes to arrive at the next camping spot where we pull the canoes, set up camp, and settle in for the evening.

The Curandero rituals that were part of my massage left me in a very spiritual mood and it was so lovely to have a space to go to, complete with a breathing treatment, to sit with my feelings.

If we are quiet, we may even get to see mule deer, elk, bobcat or even a black bear as we head back out to our ultimate destination.

Once the mixture is combined, pop it in the fridge for minutes so that it will harden slightly. It may be a short hike, or a game, or a quick swim. If they were the same age I would probably be more hand off, but this is a 9 year old pushing a 5 year old around, and I don't think its a fair match.

Ready to Rock Ever clamber up a chimney? Offers all the skills and activities of our regular camps Special feature - such as a trip across the lake for a picnic and special games Higher staff-camper ratios 1: We enjoyed the resort with three generations and there was definitely something for everyone!

I like shaping my energy bites into 1-inch balls, but you can make yours smaller or larger. This five minute single serving apple crisp is a minimal commitment, low maintenance, ready super fast treat for all the Regular Days. Wednesday and Thursday are for enjoying the area.

They have incorporated many Native American rituals from the area and blended them with an upscale spa experience. It might involve canoeing, hiking, mountain biking or camping.

Five Minute Single Serving Apple Crisp

There are seasonal Teen Nights where teens gather on the tennis courts for some line dancing and bbq. She even wanted them for breakfast. There are 7 restaurants at the resort which are so varied that we were always able to find something good for even our pickiest eater!

It is a base camping trip nestled high in the hills just north of Moberly Lake where we spend a relaxing week playing and learning about what it takes to thrive together as a team in a place that has never even heard of electricity!

Whatever we do, it will be a blast. With miles of trails for horseback riding, awesome camp food, fun games, campfires, and friendly, enthusiastic leaders, HPWC will be an unforgettable experience. For a nominal fee the resort would print them up or you could upload them to your own email and print them from home.

But I tried this apple crisp several times side by side using butter and coconut oil, and my tastebuds betrayed my prejudices and fell more in love with the coconut oil one than with the butter one.JW Marriott Hill Country Resort San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas: Find honest reviews of this property written by real parents on MiniTime, the family vacation-planning website.

What looks like a bloomin' onion but is loaded with monterey jack cheese, scallions & garlic? This is a must-have for celebrating! A whole loaf of crusty Italian bread is stuffed with cheese & then drizzled with a secret potion (scallions, garlic, poppy seeds & other secret yummies) then tucked into a foil pouch & baked till ooohey & goooohey.

Feb 23,  · DD 5 is in a mixed-age troop. We have 20 girls, daisies all the way up to cadettes. This is our first year in girl scouts. As you are probably aware.

Find recipes for every meal, easy ideas for dinner tonight, cooking tips and expert food advice. Sagitawa Christian Camping Society is a non-profit, interdenominational organization. We teach the application of Biblical Christianity to the whole life, and uphold moral and ethical values of the home and family.

Conversation Starters and Dinner Questions Just for you!

Simple Iced Coffee Recipe

And lastly, dinner time isn’t about just food. If you haven’t downloaded my free gift of printable Conversation Starters, run and do changed the way we do meal time, and it’s a .

Single moms and smores
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